Hello and welcome to my personal website! I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Liechtenstein, where I currently teach some fundamentals of Computer Science, such as programming, networking and cybersecurity.

As a researcher, my primary interests lie at the intersection of cybersecurity and data analytics, with a specific focus on networking, phishing, machine learning, and adversarial machine learning. I can proudly state that I have publications tackling all of such subjects, but I like exploring new areas.

Whenever I am not teaching or “researching” (whatever it means), I enjoy pursuing diverse hobbies. Oddly enough, one of such hobbies is reviewing: I’ve reviewed more than 300 papers since 2020 (you can find more stats here) and I’ve never missed a single deadline. I consider peer-reviewing to be the backbone of research, and will do all I can to improve the work of other researchers (including championing papers and disagreeing with other reviewers—if necessary).

Aside from being a passionate reviewer, I am also: a nerd, a geek, a very active person, and someone who loves communication and social interactions.

  • Nerd: I regularly play Dungeons and Dragons (both as a Dungeon Master and as a Player); I enjoy playing videogames (I was once a competitive gamer, with some success stories to tell about!); and also love immersing myself in complex pieces of fiction (in any format).
  • Geek: I am passionate towards IT and I have dozens of connected devices in my house—managing all of them is becoming tougher, though (what is a pihole?). However, I will hardly use devices of which I do not have root rights (admin power!).
  • Active: during my first three years in Liechtenstein, I used my car only 10 times to commute; in contrast, I biked “outdoor” for nearly 9 thousands kilometers (irrespective of sun/snow/rain, cold/hot, night/day), and “indoor” for over 50 thousands kilometers.
  • Social: I like exploring the ins-and-outs of (some parts of) our World; unfortunately I can only do so from my perspective, which is ultimately insignificant. Without actively engaging with other (human) beings, my life would be extremely boring, and I would not be where I am. I am glad of having collaborated with many wonderful people in the past, and I am constantly trying to expand my network.

Do you have anything you’d like to talk about? Feel free to contact me!

Disclaimer (on this website)

This website is mine, and it describes me, myself and I. Hence, alongside “professional” information, it also includes some “personal” details—such as pictures, or blog-posts describing my own viewpoints on some subjects that I consider particularly interesting.

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