Inspirational Blogs of Researchers

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From time to time, while surfing the Web, I land on the personal website of other researchers. In some cases, such websites include a “blog” section containing some pieces of original writing by the respective author.

Typically, we only know researchers by looking at their achievements, generating the idea that scientists are almost perfect beings. Chances are: they are not, because we’re ultimately all humans—and, as such, we all have bad days, doubts, hobbies, and stories to tell (which go beyond those written for “professional” reasons).

This is why I consider such articles to be of immense value, as they allow others to understand the “humane” side of other researchers. Reading – and empathizing with – their past experiences, thoughts and hardships, can be very educational for one’s personal growth.

In what follows, I will hence report the links to the personal websites of some researchers [a]The order is alphabetical (by surname). that I consider to be particularly inspiring.[b]If you are an academic, and you are not included here despite having a (curated) Blog, chances are that I’ve yet to land on your website :)

Disclaimer: I am not doing this for “promotional” reasons, nor for “supporting” any of my own viewpoints. It is very likely that my own perspective on a given subject may greatly differ from those of the people included in the list above. Ultimately, this list is mostly for myself—I’m reporting it here just for convenience.

(Last update: December 10st, 2022)