Cybersecurity in the Smart Grid: Practitioners` Perspective

Workshop Industrial Control Systems Security Workshop (co-located with ACSAC)

Austin, TX, USA

Oneliner: These findings are thanks to an excellent BSc. student.

This paper is the result of a (very tough!) research done by a BSc. student (at UniLi) that I supervised for her Bachelor’s thesis – Jacqueline Meyer (the first author). What she was able to accomplish was unbelievable (given that this was just the work of a BSc. thesis!), and I was extremely happy that we were able to turn her efforts into a scientific publication.

Besides the interesting findings (did you know that, apparently, most practitioners in the Smart Grid have a poor opinion on the effectiveness of Blockchain?), the paper also “tells” a parallel story: how difficult it is for academics to get in contact with practitioners (for research purposes). I tried to convey this message during the paper’s presentation.

(My only regret was that Jacqueline was not the one delivering the presentation!)

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