LLM4PM: A case study on using Large Language Models for Process Modeling in Enterprise Organizations

Ziche, C., Apruzzese, G., Business Process Management Conference -- Industry Forum, 2024 Conference
Oneliner: How can LLM be used at the Hilti group for BPM?

Abstract. We investigate the potential of using Large Language Models (LLM) to support process model creation in organizational contexts. Specifically, we carry out a case study wherein we develop and test an LLM-based chatbot, PRODIGY (PROcess moDellIng Guidance for You), in a multinational company, the Hilti Group. We are particularly interested in understanding how LLM can aid (human) modellers in creating process flow diagrams. To this purpose, we first conduct a preliminary user study (n=10) with professional process modellers from Hilti, inquiring for various pain-points they encounter in their daily routines. Then, we use their responses to design and implement PRODIGY. Finally, we evaluate PRODIGY by letting our user study’s participants use PRODIGY, and then ask for their opinion on the pros and cons of PRODIGY. We coalesce our results in actionable takeaways. Through our research, we showcase the first practical application of LLM for process modelling in the real world, shedding light on how industries can leverage LLM to enhance their Business Process Management activities.

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