Voices from the Frontline: Revealing the AI Practitioners` viewpoint on the European AI Act

Conference Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences

Honolulu, HI, USA

Oneliner: What do AI practitioners think about the European regulation?

This was the first time I attended HICSS: reaching Honolulu (from Feldkirch) was a real odyssey, but it was well-worth the effort. The conference was a blast, and I was able to talk with many “passionate” researchers. Actually, I’d go further and say that – in my opinion – most of the people I talked to during HICSS appeared to be much more interested in the subject of their research w.r.t. those that I talk to in Cybersecurity conferences.

Regardless, I enjoyed giving this talk. Our paper was supposed to be the second to be presented, but the first presenter was not able to attend the conference, so my talk was moved. In retrospect, I appreciated this turnout: the time “saved” from the missing presentation could be used to extend the Q&A. As a matter of fact, the Q&A of my talk spanned almost 15 minutes! I was genuinely surprised by the many and multi-faceted questions I received; as well as by the amount of attendees—the talk was at 8AM, and I did not expect so many people to wake-up so early in the morning (while in Hawaii!) to attend a talk about AI and Regulation.

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