Cybersecurity and Machine Learning: Facts and Myths

Seminar University of Bologna

Bologna, Italy

Oneliner: Going back (close) to my origin!

After being appointed as an Assistant Professor (effective September 2022), I was invited by my mentor – Prof. Michele Colajanni – to give a seminar talk in the Cybersecurity course (MSc. Degree in Computer Science) at the University of Bologna.

I accepted the invitation with great pleasure—and I was extremely excited to give such a talk. I left Italy in mid 2020, and had since then stopped collaborating with Prof. Colajanni—who mentored me for 10 years! (My choice of enrolling in the BSc. in Computer Engineering was taken after a conversation I had with him, in 2010.) Put simply, this talk was the opportunity for me to show my former mentor how much I “grew” in these two years.

I abstain from judging the talk, but the feedback received by the students was very positive, and Prof. Colajanni also commended the many research ideas that I presented and which I am now pursuing. Yet, I cannot overlook the fact that my current research stems from the “imprinting” that I received as a member of the WebLab—and, for this, I will be always thankful to Prof. Colajanni (and my former colleagues).

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